4 Safe Driving Tips For Ryde Driver-Partners

Within the Ryde community, your safety is our top priority. To ensure a better driving experience for both you and your passengers, it is advisable to adhere to safe driving habits. Here are some examples our team would recommend:

Verify Your Trip Details

Always confirm and check that the passengers’ name and destination matches the information displayed in your Ryde Driver App before starting the trip.

Stay Focused On Driving

Always avoid holding or texting on your phone while driving. Utilise a dashboard mount or a holder to answer calls while ensuring it does not obstruct your view.

Adhere To PUDO Location Regulations

Follow the rules of designed pick-up or drop-off points and ensure it is allowed for private ride-hailing.

Keep your car well maintained

Routinely check your car’s condition, including tire pressure, fluid levels, brakes, proper lighting and functioning windshield wipers.

We hope these tips are helpful for you to make the right decisions to stay safe on the road. We are committed to providing 100% unwavering support to ensure your safety on the road. Drive safe!

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