RYDE | World’s First Real-time Carpooling App | About Us | Why RYDE
RYDE, Asia's first on-demand carpooling service, uses geo-location technology to match drivers with riders going the same way.
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About Us

RYDE is Singapore’s first and number one carpooling app. RYDE provides a sustainable alternative for the daily commute to solve the congestion and pollution issues facing cities today.

RYDE’s request tool uses GPS technology to match drivers with riders going the same way. RYDE’s algorithm will determine the contribution based on distance so you will know the exact amount before the match. At the end of the ride, riders contribute cash directly to drivers to split the cost of the trip.

Carpooling benefits all. For riders, it offers a social, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. For drivers, this helps to offset the cost of petrol and parking. Sharing rides helps drivers save more while they do the right thing.

RYDE aims to make the sharing economy become a reality by forging closer communities. To transform the daily commute, one ride at a time, using technology and leveraging on the power of social networks.

Double Bottom Line

RYDE endeavors to achieve financial and sustainability objectives through a double bottom line approach. RYDE believes that sustainability objectives can be achieved hand in hand with financial ones.

The first bottom line is naturally profits. As a business, returning a profit is imperative to be viable in the long run. RYDE believes that, as a business, ideas and execution must meet the rigors of market demand.

The second bottom line is the number of conversions to the network. ln order for the sustainability message to get across effectively and to create a meaningful impact in the community, there is a need to convert more members into the ridesharing network. So RYDE measures the number of conversions to track performance in this regard.

More conversions imply a few things. Firstly, it shows that the sustainability message is getting across effectively. Secondly, it means more traffic optimization, suggests lesser environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint. Lastly, more conversions indicate more sharing, smarter consumption and less wasteful production. Taken together, this conversion metric measures RYDE’s success in sustainability goals.