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RYDE is a community based initiative that uses mobile and geo-location technology to match riders, who request for rides, with drivers going the same way. At the end of the ride, riders donate cash directly to drivers to defray the cost of the trip. RYDE does not take a cut from the donation but charges a booking fee, through a credit card transaction, to facilitate the match.
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26 May Behind the Drive – Jacky’s Take on Carpooling


Hello Jacky! Thanks for agreeing to be part of this interview.

Maybe you could start by telling us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m Jacky, 39 this year. Migrated from Hong Kong and working as an Assistant Director of Sales in the tourism industry.

Where do you live? What are your commuting patterns in the week?

I lived in the eastern part of Singapore and travel to my office every morning (weekdays of course, haha!).

I have always believed in carpooling even before knowing this awesome app. In fact, I have tried putting up advertisements for my personal morning carpool at bus-stops before I started using RYDE. Thanks to RYDE, I now have got a regular morning travelling partner. Of course, I will take a peek at RYDE requests whenever time permits.  

How did you know about RYDE? How did it change your life?

I must give thanks to Facebook and of course, the RYDE marketing team as well. I knew about RYDE via Facebook’s advertisement.

Networking is always important, especially for a sales person. It’s great to pick up someone along the way and have a wonderful chat, exchange great ideas and share about life experiences with people from all walks of life. Did I mention that it helps to save some of my petrol costs as well?

In fact, I have talked so much about this app that even some of my friends ask if I own any shares in the company. I had a good laugh! But honestly, RYDE is a great idea and creates a win-win situation for both drivers and riders, all to gain and nothing to lose. I have met so many friendly people from this community with only 80+ trips and I’m sure this number will grow. Hope to fetch one of you readers on the road soon!

What was your most memorable carpooling experience?

It has got to be my morning travelling partner, Jazelle! Or I would say we are more like friends now. We could chat anything under the sun, from work, family, and even sharing personal problems and issues. The 25 minutes morning ride will never be boring with her!

Would you support a Singapore start-up?

Singapore’s standard of living is getting higher with each passing year. RYDE provides a great platform for all users, be it drivers or riders. May I also suggest having regular gathering/meet-ups for members so we could grow this community? IT/Apps are the “IN” thing now for this generation. I believe that it will work with great strategies and concept, originality and the “can do” mindset. Keep up the awesome work!

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