RYDE | World’s First Real-time Carpooling App | Behind the Drive - Sue Ping's Take on Carpooling
RYDE is a community based initiative that uses mobile and geo-location technology to match riders, who request for rides, with drivers going the same way. At the end of the ride, riders donate cash directly to drivers to defray the cost of the trip. RYDE does not take a cut from the donation but charges a booking fee, through a credit card transaction, to facilitate the match.
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11 Aug Behind the Drive – Sue Ping’s Take on Carpooling


Hello Sue Ping! Thanks for agreeing to be part of this interview.

Maybe you could start by telling us a little bit more about yourself?

I am in my mid 40s and I have a full time job at a telecommunications company.  I do not like to drive during peak hours.  With RYDE, I am able to share a short journey with people from all walks of life. Otherwise, I would be stuck in traffic all alone.

RYDE enables me to connect with people with whom I would not meet normally. I look forward to offering a RYDE to someone I have never met before! In fact, I have found a couple of friends who share similar interests. Particularly satisfying is receiving an invitation from one of my regular riders to her son’s first birthday celebration!

Where do you live? What are your commuting patterns in the week?

I live in Punggol and I commute daily to and from work. I also make frequent trips during the week to my parent’s home for dinner in Bukit Panjang. On average, I would travel close to 60km daily.  

With the use of the RYDE app, I am able to lower the cost of my daily commute. I also get to do my bit in saving the environment by reducing carbon emission through carpooling.   

How did you know about RYDE? How did it change your life?

It was during Chinese New Year and I was watching a news segment featuring RYDE.  Though carpooling is not new, but with the advent of technology, it easily connects riders and drivers.

I have been using RYDE for more than 3 months now. It changes the way I commute through better planning of my route. Driving during peak hours has also improved greatly through having great companions and wonderful conversations.  This made the trips seemed so much shorter than when one is stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic situation.  

What was your most memorable carpooling experience?

The most memorable experience I had was to provide a RYDE to two young ladies on their way to the NUS open house. I had to make my way to two pick up locations. Upon arriving at the first pick up point, the first rider gave me 3 small boxes of Awfully Chocolate tarts! After we picked up the second rider, we had a wonderful conversation about my first ever road trip in Canada.  As usual, the RYDE ended too soon.   

Would you support a Singapore start-up?

I am a proud Singaporean.  If there is a chance to support a Singapore start-up, I would.  RYDE is a wonderful concept conceived by an observant individual that answers the needs of other individuals.  It takes a special breed of people to get the wheels rolling to help others in need. This is something you do not see very often, especially in Singapore.

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