RYDE | World’s First Real-time Carpooling App | Behind the Ride – Frederick’s Take on Carpooling
RYDE is a community based initiative that uses mobile and geo-location technology to match riders, who request for rides, with drivers going the same way. At the end of the ride, riders donate cash directly to drivers to defray the cost of the trip. RYDE does not take a cut from the donation but charges a booking fee, through a credit card transaction, to facilitate the match.
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08 Mar Behind the Ride – Frederick’s Take on Carpooling


Hey Frederick! Thanks for being part of this interview.

Maybe you could start by telling us a little bit more about yourself?

I am Frederick and I’ve been using RYDE for some time now. I enjoy meeting people and chatting with them while travelling. I love horses and dogs (corgis and golden retrievers in particular!)

Where do you live? What are your commuting patterns in the week?

I live in Bedok. As I am self-employed, I travel to different places every day for work. My wife and I go for Pilates together and travel to the stables to visit horses.

How did you know about RYDE? How did it change your life?

I read about RYDE in the newspaper. I used to travel around by MRT and bus, where most commuters look grouchy – totally understandable, since it is always so crowded.

Since I started using RYDE, I can travel comfortably by car without spending too much and I get to meet different people on each trip. It’s a win-win situation, and my commute time each day just flies by.

I especially like the feature in the RYDE app where we can view our carbon savings. I am glad I can do my part to reduce my carbon footprint.

What was your most memorable carpooling experience?

A meeting with a client in the west of the island lasted longer than expected. It was nearly 3pm when my carpool driver picked me up; when he found out that I hadn’t had lunch yet, he drove to a food centre for me to pack lunch and then drove me home after that. His kind gesture was very much appreciated.

So far, I’m pleased that I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience carpooling. After the trip, many drivers tell me they enjoyed my company and some even text me on other days to ask whether I need a ride from them. I am glad we are both able to brighten each other’s journey.

Would you support a Singapore start-up?

Definitely! RYDE is a great platform that is both practical and social. And if we as Singaporeans don’t support local start-ups, who will?

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