Cancellation & Waiting Time Policy

Cancellation and waiting time policy: all you need to know

The cancellation fee compensates the driver for the time and effort it took to travel to the rider’s location.

The waiting time fee compensates the driver for the time spent waiting at the pick-up location.

The cancellation and waiting time fee will apply to all Ryde services except RydeTAXI.

We get it, sometimes we change our mind and have an alternative mode of transport – and that’s okay! Whether it is entering the wrong pick-up or drop off point, or selecting the wrong number of pax for RydeFLASH, or even selecting the wrong service (Pet owners, we’re looking at you).


At Ryde, our aim has always been to create a better community for our users. This includes fairly compensating our Driver-Partners, who have taken the time to travel to your pick-up location and/or to wait patiently below your block.

How would the charges apply for on-demand trips?

You don’t show up.

Driver waits for you for more than 3 mins.

You cancel the trip after 3 mins of matching with a driver.

How would the charges apply for advanced trips?

You don’t show up for more than 3 mins after the scheduled time.

(After trip match) You cancel less than 15 mins before the scheduled time.

You cancel the trip after 3 mins of matching with a driver.

How can I avoid these charges?

For On-demand Trips
Cancellations made within 3 minutes of the trip matching not chargeable. We recommend you book a ride only when you are ready or are near the waiting area to avoid any unnecessary cancellations.


For Advanced Trips
Cancellations made more than 15 minutes from scheduled trip time are not chargeable. Should you find yourself needing to cancel an advanced trip, we recommend doing so as early as possible. This is so that drivers can take on other trips instead.

What if the driver cancels on me?

Drivers with a high cancellation rate may face suspension, as well as be ineligible driver bonuses and incentives.

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