Ryde Announces 0% Commission For Drivers

Singapore, December 22, 2023 – Singapore ride-hailing and carpooling company, Ryde, announced today a significant stride in the ride-hailing industry. Effective 2 January 2024, Ryde is introducing 0% Commission for drivers, a decisive move to highlight its unwavering commitment to supporting the driver community and building a fairer platform for both drivers and riders.

Driving the Future: A New Era with 0% Commission

By removing driver commissions, the company is setting a new standard for the driver community and introducing the lowest-cost option for private-hire and taxi drivers.

“As we roll out the 0% driver commission initiative, our commitment is clear — to empower our drivers with every journey,” affirms Terence Zou, Founder and CEO of Ryde. “By removing driver commissions, we’re not only enabling our drivers to take home more of their well-deserved earnings; we’re making an investment in our driver community.”

Platform Transparency

By removing driver commissions, Ryde has also made a bold commitment to transparency. This strategic move is expected to increase driver take-home pay, motivate drivers on the platform, and ultimately improve the overall rider experience.

Beyond 0% Commission, the company is also actively involved in initiatives to improve the lives of drivers, including frequent driver support sessions, meal giveaways, and providing tips and training through their driver channels.

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