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Carpool with a friendly driver along the way. Make the RYDE choice today!
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Need a ride to work or home? Carpool with a friendly driver along the way. Make the RYDE choice today!

How It Works

1. Request a Ride

With just two taps, get matched with a friendly driver!


2. Get Matched

Identify your driver and car. Make your way!


3. Go Cashless

Pay via RydePay and review your experience.



Why Carpool?


Split Costs

Riders contribute an amount based on distance.


Make Friends

Living in the city can be a social experience.


Reduce Congestion

Help reduce the number of cars on the roads!


Be An Ambassador

It is a privilege to be a RYDE ambassador – one that shows exemplary conduct as a member of the community.
This increases your chances of a match as members are more willing to carpool with someone with great reviews.

What Our Members Say

Wilson Bay (Driver)Wilson Bay (Driver)
Try playing songs/music that your Ryder listens to, you never know your next carpool companion could be your karaoke buddy! I found mine!
Joy Sim (Driver)Joy Sim (Driver)
I love the concept of carpooling and the sharing economy. I sincerely hope that RYDE stays afloat. It's a great concept and I enjoyed every minute of interaction with all my passengers.
Kelvin Ke (Driver)Kelvin Ke (Driver)
RYDE has not only raise the awareness of the benefits of carpooling, it has also changed perspectives of many. I hope RYDE succeeds in a big way!
Gabriel Woon (Rider)Gabriel Woon (Rider)
I was looking for a new opportunity to experience carpooling, RYDE presented that opportunity to me. I got the chance to meet new people, make new friends and do my part in reducing carbon footprint.