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RYDE takes safety seriously through ID verification, Insurance Coverage,Two-Way Reviews,Zero Tolerance Policy and Ladies Only Option
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“Industry-first” Protection

We have launched an “industry-first” personal accident insurance for all verified members, free of charge, when carpooling on our platform. We are committed to creating the safest carpooling platform and providing a peace of mind with additional personal accident benefits.


RYDE is also insured up to $1,000,000 against third-party liability and sexual assault claims.

Assuring Safety

ID Verification

We use only real names and verify profiles in our network. Verification is compulsory for drivers. Riders can choose to verify their profiles by submitting their IDs (photo identification). Drivers can choose not to accept requests from “unverified” riders: the odds for a match are better when riders are verified.

Legal & Insurance

Regulations in Singapore allow drivers to make 2 paid carpool trips per day on a cost recovery basis. Drivers' vehicle insurance remains valid as carpooling is not for profit. It is similar to giving friends or family a lift and then splitting trip costs. Drivers can also give free rides!

Two-Way Reviews

Drivers and riders review each other after every trip. This is important to keep our carpooling community safer. We monitor reviews to improve overall experience and keep our community standards high! Any member with average rating below 4 stars will be suspended for 1 month.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We maintain a strict zero tolerance policy on alcohol, smoking and disrespectful behaviour. We will remove anyone from our community who is disrespectful to others. To report suspected intoxication by the driver or any misdemeanour, please email support@rydesharing.com.


“Industry-first” carpooling coverage