Florists In Singapore With Delivery – Affordable Bouquets, Bridal Flowers, Flower Box & More

Florists In Singapore With Delivery - Affordable Bouquets, Bridal Flowers, Flower Box & More

At Ryde, community and morality are the heart of what we do. In an extension to Ryde Supports Hawkers – where we supported older hawkers by buying lunch for our drivers, we want to champion our local small businesses who are facing the same challenges.

If you are looking for reliable flower delivery in Singapore, we got you covered. Baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays and dinner parties are perfect occasions for flowers. Show your loved one appreciation by surprising them with a beautiful flower arrangement! We can all agree that a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always such a mood enhancer.

1. Deer Petals

Deer Petals offers a range of current picks, customised bouquets and classic bouquets that are handpicked and designed by their florists. Their flowers are picked upon orders, and at affordable prices without compromising on service and quality of each bouquet. We also note that Deer Petals recognises the importance of sustainability by practicing methods of reducing plastic waste while keeping their bouquet wrap simple and elegant.

Their bouquet collection starts from the Current Pick ($49) to Fabulously Big ($180). In addition, there are also the Classic Series of bouquets that are available on their website. These include the Sunny Days Bouquet ($160) which is a mix of sunflower, holland carnation, spray roses and Red Romance Bouquet ($110) which includes 18-20 stalks of red roses paired with eucalyptus.

Deer Petals offers free delivery between 11am to 6pm daily however, if you would like to get your bouquets delivered on the same day, please order them before 1pm so that they have ample time to prepare and arrange them for delivery.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their website here

2. MenteFloreale

Thoughtfully crafted and designed with love and dedication, Mente Floreale started with the inspiration from the beauty and colours of nature. They create Korean Garden-styled floral arrangements that are suitable for weddings, birthdays and wedding proposals.

Mente Floreale offers a range of floral bouquets that are specially designed for your occasion. Hop over to their official website and you will find fresh flower collections such as the Adelia Bouquet ($75) and Bespoke Hydrangea ($158). Mente Floreales has also prepared packages for your occasion needs which includes a photographer and flower set up for your wedding proposal ($389 – $549).

You are advised to place your orders 2-3 days in advance so that they are able to pick out the freshest flowers for your bouquet. Delivery charges are SGD$15 islandwide except Changi Airport and Sentosa. Be sure to look out for Floreale’s weekly special bouquets too where they fuss-free bouquets with free delivery. The best part is that each design will be unique every week.

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How To Order:Order via their website here

3. Momo Flowers

Momo Flowers offers bouquets to eternal rose domes and herbariums that are uniquely handcrafted upon each order. They believe that preserved flowers are not only environmentally friendly, they are also long-lasting. Some products that they offer include the popular Aurora 1.0 Eternal Rose Domes ($88), Pastel Tone Preserved Flower Balloon Bouquet ($88) and Eternal Pink Tone Flower Box ($138).

A series of fresh bouquets are available on their website too, like the 9 Red Roses Fresh Flower Bouquet ($88) and snack bouquets ($78). Dedicated to bringing you top quality products, Momo Flowers offers distanced-based delivery priced from ($5 – $20) with the available option of self-collection too.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order:Cart-out on their website here

4. The Bloomish Eden

The Bloomish Eden strives to be the bridge that helps their customers express themselves to kins and partners alike. The owner of The Bloomish Eden, Michelle aims to bring authenticity and sincerity to the flowers she works hard to deliver.

Create your own flower bouquet by choosing their Omakase series of flowers like Omakase – Fresh with colour, size and style option (from $141), Omakase – Dried And Preserve Bouquets (from $85). They also offer bouquets that are pre-designed like the Lillie Bouquet (from $165) where you are only required to choose the size and style of it.

The Bloomish Eden caters to wedding events and does offer services like setting up of proposal venues etc. They charge their delivery by distance (from $18) and it will be waived for orders above $75. Self collection option is also available for advance orders.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
How To Order: Order via their website here

5. Amytfleur

Amytfleur started as a home based business and has evolved into a floral studio that runs by a small team of florist designers. With every bouquet carefully crafted with incredible passion and drive, this store offers a wide range of collections such as the Classic Collection which includes Butterscotch Bouquet ($80) – a sunflower bouquet paired with baby’s breaths, dusty miller and their Crimson Bouquet ($85) which has red roses topped with mini daisies, white matthiola, white eustomas.

The store offers a series of All Things New Bouquets that are handcrafted bouquets dedicated to celebrate new life and beginnings for all cancer survivors. Some of the bouquet including Vita Nova ($78) – which means new life in latin has White gerbera daisies paired with mini daisies, white matthiola and dusty millers.

Amytfleur offers islandwide delivery with the exception of restricted areas like Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island etc. Redelivery and redirection within the next 24 hours will incur an additional surcharge of $15. Self-collection options are only available for advance orders or appointments.

Socials: Instagram
Address: 22 Lor 21A Geylang, Prosper Industrial Building, #06-02, Singapore 388431

How To Order: Order via their website here

6. Floraison Studio

Floraison Studios offers contemporary floral bouquets and arrangements that leave a lasting impression. Their team seeks to amplify and transient the beauty of flowers through bouquets and arrangements at an affordable price.

Their flower bundles (from $49) are uniquely designed daily and they allow customisation to suit your preferences. Customisation includes being able to choose from Classic Bouquets ($100) to Supreme ones ($185).

Their Bespoke Flower Stand ($250) allows you to choose the type of occasion, size and colour theme. With the freshest selection of flowers handpicked by the team, every flower stand is unique in their own colour, structure and style.

Floraison Studio also offers a subscription package ($180) consisting of 4 flower bundles, available for weekly/fortnightly/monthly/at random delivery, Mon – Fri, 11am – 6pm. Perfect for breathing new life into your home, work space or a lovely gift to your loved ones.

Delivery services are available between 11am – 6pm and will be waived off with a minimum purchase of $49. Self-collection option is also available for advance orders.

Socials: Facebook | Instagram
Address: 2 Connectt@TS, 2 Pereira Road, #02-01A, Singapore 368024
How To Purchase: Order via their website here

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