#MakanwithRyde: Driver-partner Nasi Lemak Giveaway

nasi lemak giveaway corporate social responsibility

At Ryde, we want to create value sustainably for our users by providing simple, seamless and reliable transportation and logistic services. We recognise that our Driver-partners are the driving force behind our community, providing our passengers safe, reliable, and comfortable rides.

To show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, we are committed to recognising their contribution to our success through community events like the recent Driver-partner Nasi Lemak Giveaway.



Held last Wednesday, on the 23rd of March 2023 at the historic Kampong Glam Cafe, our team had 150 packets of Nasi Lemak to distribute. Driver-partners simply had to flash their driver app on their phones to our team to receive the packet of food.

As we understood that time is a valuable resource for our Driver-partners, we were prepared to make the collection as seamless as possible by allowing them to drive-by to collect the food. Even with this, some drivers took the time to stop by and conversed with our team to share valuable feedback and exchange ideas on potential improvements we could make to our services and app. We even met with long-time supporters, and our team was incredibly heartened to learn about their current situations, and of their participation in previous campaigns and other giveaways.

corporate social responsibility

After the conclusion of the giveaway, we extended our community service efforts by donating some Nasi Lemak packets to the nearby Sultan Mosque.

Besides giveaways like these, we also had other initiatives in support of our Driver-partners. We have remained committed to keeping our commissions low, reduced our cancellation and waiting time policy down to 3 minutes, and improved driver bonuses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shell and Lumens, for their support in this giveaway – Shell provided our Driver-partners with hot teh tarik and attractive petrol discounts while Lumens offered car rental discounts, both of which were greatly appreciated.

ryde company group photo

We look forward to organising more of such events in the future. Thank you to all the Driver-partners who came by for the giveaway and made the event a resounding success, we hope to see you all again at our next one!

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