Ride Hailing Singapore – What Is RydeFLASH, RydeX, RydeXL, and RydePOOL?

What is RydeFLASH, RydeX, RydeXL and RydePOOL?





Number of Passengers

1 pax

Pay per seat, 1-4 pax

Up to 4 pax

Up to 6 pax

Driver Types Eligible

Carpool, Private Hire and Taxi Drivers

Carpool, Private Hire and Taxi Drivers

Private Hire and Taxi Drivers

Private Hire Drivers

Shared Ride

Shared with other riders and drivers may bring 1 friend or family member to sit at the front 

Drivers may bring 1 friend or family member to sit at the front 

No sharing

No sharing

ERP Inclusions

ERP fares are applicable on top of trip fare


Varies with peak hour timing


No pets allowed

If you are travelling with a pet, take a RydePET trip instead! Find out more here

Tips for a better ride

1. Lost and found

For trips that ended within 24 hours, you can chat with your driver by following these steps:
Tap the ☰ icon on the App > Tap on 'Trips' > Tap on 'Past' and select the relevant trip > Tap on 'Need Help?' then 'I lost my item' > Tap the 'Contact Driver' button

If your trip has ended more than 24 hours ago, raise a support ticket via RydeHELP in the Ryde App with your trip details and item description.

We recommend a $25 minimum fare to compensate for the driver’s time spent in returning the item directly to you.

2. Be considerate to our drivers

Excessively muddied shoes? Spilled your bubble tea? Your pet accidentally soiled the car?

As a rider, you are liable for any intentional or unintentional damage/mess made to the driver’s vehicle. If your trip ended more than 6 hours ago, you may raise a support ticket via RydeHELP.

For permanent/semi-permanent stains that require professional cleaning, riders are subjected to a claimable fee of up to $70 made by the driver.

3. Cancel your trips only when necessary

Frequent cancellations will increase your cancellation rate. As a result, you may not be eligible for cashback bonuses and/or be subjected to cancellation fees according to our prevailing policies.

4. Indicate bulky items when booking a trip

Book the right service based on passenger capacity, size and quantity of your bulky items. Refer to our FAQ here for the recommended maximum capacity of passengers and bulky items.

RydeX Copy

5. No ride, no charge

Upon booking, payment is pre-authorised for a smoother transaction.

If the trip is cancelled by you or the driver, the amount will automatically be released to you. If you do not see it immediately, do allow up to 7 days for the process to be completed.

Note that some refunds may not appear as a transaction in your statement.

6. Pay your fares with the right payment method

If cash is your preferred payment method, please ensure to pay the driver at the end of the trip! Fare evasion is illegal, and drivers may report you to the police. Likewise, avoid double payments by checking the mode of payment before paying and alighting.

We recommend that you go cashless when you opt for digital payments or RydeCoins for ease and convenience!

7. Note your RydeCoins expiry

RydeCoins are valid for 6 months from the last transaction date. The expiry date is indicated in the app.

You can extend the expiry date of your RydeCoins by topping-up more RydeCoins, using RydeCoins to pay for a trip or earning RydeCoins (by referral or cashback bonuses!)

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